OpEd: Oil Companies are Modern Aristocrats and They’re Waging a War on Our Planet

For centuries, the world was ruled by royalty- a select few aristocrats who flaunted opulent wealth and used it to mold the world to their liking. Today, such a concept seems absurd with some form of democracy dominating in most countries. But, while we may be experiencing the trappings of a free nation with elected officials and protection of human rights, aristocracy is still alive and well. Big corporations are the new royals and oil companies lead them all. They are the Great Britain of TNCs.

How the Trans Mountain Pipeline will Lock Canada into a Fatal Mistake

Burning carbon has sustained the human race for centuries. In modern societies, we cannot imagine life without it. How did we get here? Since the industrial revolution, oil companies have been creating an extensive ecosystem to preserve themselves by manipulating governments and reaching into the pockets of wealthy individuals so that entire nations are at their mercy. Those who profit from extracting and distributing carbon religiously repeat the same argument that it brings jobs and money. Unfortunately, they conveniently fail to mention the irreversible damage their precious resource causes, intentionally blinding many to the environmental devastation taking place before them.

Wasteful Consumption Habits We Need to Stop:

Consumerism feels really good. Whether it’s online or in store there is a very satisfying quality to tapping a card and being handed your purchase. However, personally, the act itself is not what makes shopping so gratifying. Buying a shirt or even a simple Starbucks bevy feels good because it reaffirms the idea that I can buy it and that I have enough money and independence to do so. Allow me to explain.

GMO: It’s a Good Thing and Here’s Why

Genetically modified crops emerged a mere 24 years ago and have slowly infiltrated farming practices around the world. It has been met with strong opposition from the organics industry and beyond. This post discusses all the very real benefits GMOs can provide. From reduced emissions, to incredible economic gains and everything in between; we talk about it all, and even address some of your very valid concerns with genetically engineered crops!

5 Ways To Stay Eco-Friendly this Summer:

Photo by Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com Disclaimer: Unfortunately, in today’s social climate, the ability to go eco-friendly is a privilege. Sustainable products have yet to become accessible to the masses and changing one’s lifestyle can be challenging when limited by socioeconomic status, disability, etc. NO ONE should feel obliged to implement ‘green’ solutions nor should …

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How Blue Jeans are Drying Up our Blue Oceans: The Disappearance of the Aral Sea

The fashion industry is ubiquitous. Whether you see clothes as mere necessities or pay top dollar to rep your favourite brands, you have in some way contributed to this 1.4 trillion-dollar sector. Fashion has dominated for centuries, and a recent shift from durable production to lower quality textiles has birthed a new movement known as …

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