How the Trans Mountain Pipeline will Lock Canada into a Fatal Mistake

Burning carbon has sustained the human race for centuries. In modern societies, we cannot imagine life without it. How did we get here? Since the industrial revolution, oil companies have been creating an extensive ecosystem to preserve themselves by manipulating governments and reaching into the pockets of wealthy individuals so that entire nations are at their mercy. Those who profit from extracting and distributing carbon religiously repeat the same argument that it brings jobs and money. Unfortunately, they conveniently fail to mention the irreversible damage their precious resource causes, intentionally blinding many to the environmental devastation taking place before them.

GOOD News As We Wrap Up the Month of June: Sunny Sunday #2

The end of June marks the end of a tumultuous month packed with protests, re-openings, re-closings, and volatile COVID-19 case numbers. Good news is easily forgotten in these times! From strides big and small in LGBTQ+, Indigenous, and Black communities to improved curriculum for Ontario's youth, there's a lot to talk about! Photo by Susanne …

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