OpEd: Oil Companies are Modern Aristocrats and They’re Waging a War on Our Planet

For centuries, the world was ruled by royalty- a select few aristocrats who flaunted opulent wealth and used it to mold the world to their liking. Today, such a concept seems absurd with some form of democracy dominating in most countries. But, while we may be experiencing the trappings of a free nation with elected officials and protection of human rights, aristocracy is still alive and well. Big corporations are the new royals and oil companies lead them all. They are the Great Britain of TNCs.

A COVID Vaccine Made from Plants: Can Ending a Global Pandemic be ‘Eco-friendly’?

As we pass the one-year mark of COVID-19, everyone is becoming increasingly desperate to be freed from masks, social distancing, travel bans, depression, anxiety, and the never-ending hum of tragedies being reported on the news. Amidst the devastation, scientists have been working hard to develop one of the only tools that could end the pandemic- a vaccine. With the fastest development times in history, several companies like Pfizer and Moderna were able to roll out vaccines before the close of 2020; and now, everyone is waiting with bated breath for their turn at the jab. But is a needle the only thing that could save us? Could a simple pill made from plants be capable of delivering all of the necessary protection?

How the Trans Mountain Pipeline will Lock Canada into a Fatal Mistake

Burning carbon has sustained the human race for centuries. In modern societies, we cannot imagine life without it. How did we get here? Since the industrial revolution, oil companies have been creating an extensive ecosystem to preserve themselves by manipulating governments and reaching into the pockets of wealthy individuals so that entire nations are at their mercy. Those who profit from extracting and distributing carbon religiously repeat the same argument that it brings jobs and money. Unfortunately, they conveniently fail to mention the irreversible damage their precious resource causes, intentionally blinding many to the environmental devastation taking place before them.