A COVID Vaccine Made from Plants: Can Ending a Global Pandemic be ‘Eco-friendly’?

As we pass the one-year mark of COVID-19, everyone is becoming increasingly desperate to be freed from masks, social distancing, travel bans, depression, anxiety, and the never-ending hum of tragedies being reported on the news. Amidst the devastation, scientists have been working hard to develop one of the only tools that could end the pandemic-…

How the Trans Mountain Pipeline will Lock Canada into a Fatal Mistake

Burning carbon has sustained the human race for centuries. In modern societies, we cannot imagine life without it. How did we get here? Since the industrial revolution, oil companies have been creating an extensive ecosystem to preserve themselves by manipulating governments and reaching into the pockets of wealthy individuals so that entire nations are at…

4Ocean: Exposed

From under-compensated workers, to empty claims and ambiguity in spending practices, this company is hiding a lot behind its blue façade. Let’s dive in. Summarized problems: Workers who are not upper management are underpaid, work long hours and experience high levels of turnoverNo transparency with regards to worker compensation, general operations, and percentage of profit…

GMO: It’s a Good Thing and Here’s Why

Genetically modified crops emerged a mere 24 years ago and have slowly infiltrated farming practices around the world. It has been met with strong opposition from the organics industry and beyond. This post discusses all the very real benefits GMOs can provide. From reduced emissions, to incredible economic gains and everything in between; we talk…

How Blue Jeans are Drying Up our Blue Oceans: The Disappearance of the Aral Sea

The fashion industry is ubiquitous. Whether you see clothes as mere necessities or pay top dollar to rep your favourite brands, you have in some way contributed to this 1.4 trillion-dollar sector. Fashion has dominated for centuries, and a recent shift from durable production to lower quality textiles has birthed a new movement known as…

Where Your Plastic Really Ends Up: Trashy Secrets of the Recycling Industry

The world is consuming goods at an alarming rate and recycling is the only method that will sustain our forever unsatiated need to buy. It reduces the quantity of virgin plastics required in production and is a cheaper input. However, in 2020, it is becoming more and more unlikely that the plastics we add to…

Wasteful Consumption Habits We Need to Stop:

Consumerism feels really good. Whether it’s online or in store there is a very satisfying quality to tapping a card and being handed your purchase. However, personally, the act itself is not what makes shopping so gratifying. Buying a shirt or even a simple Starbucks bevy feels good because it reaffirms the idea that I…

Asian Giant Hornets: Killer Species or Media Buzz?

As 2019 came to a close, the world hoped that 2020 would mark a new decade and better times. However, we were less than halfway through the year, and had already experienced a seemingly never-ending global pandemic, economic devastation, and extreme bushfires. As we scrambled to adjust to these challenging times, another headline broke about…

Silver Linings in a Global Pandemic: How Sitting on the Couch all Day is Achieving what Environmentalists have been Working Towards for Decades

The corona virus is wreaking havoc on our global population. Millions of non-essentials are being forced out of work, and thousands are being admitted into hospitals. Nonetheless, every facet of society from citizens to governments, has been working hard to ensure a quick return to “normalcy”. Our extreme reaction to this pandemic is necessary because…