Go Green

All the Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Menstrual Cup

For you AND the environment! My journey with a menstrual cup started a few years after my first period when I was only 16. I had been experiencing really heavy flow since the beginning and had had my fair share of leaks, stains and ruined underwear. Nothing felt comfortable. Either a pad was too small…

5 Ways To Stay Eco-Friendly this Summer:

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, in today’s social climate, the ability to go eco-friendly is a privilege. Sustainable products have yet to become accessible to the masses and changing one’s lifestyle can be challenging when limited by socioeconomic status, disability, etc. NO ONE should feel obliged to implement ‘green’ solutions nor should they feel ashamed if they cannot.…

Wasteful Consumption Habits We Need to Stop:

Consumerism feels really good. Whether it’s online or in store there is a very satisfying quality to tapping a card and being handed your purchase. However, personally, the act itself is not what makes shopping so gratifying. Buying a shirt or even a simple Starbucks bevy feels good because it reaffirms the idea that I…